A. Philosophy of Schulte Research:

  1. The firm focuses on banks, credit, liquidity & corporate solvency and finds ways to make money from this analysis.
  2. As banking services evolve, more focus is given to financial technology.
  3. Bank credit drives economics, not the other way around. Liquidity flows determine solvency, not the other way around.
  4. Balance sheets drive income statements which drive stock prices.

B. New Research Focus on Financial Technology:

  1. In 2014, Paul Schulte wrote “The Next Revolution in our Credit-Driven Economy: The Advent of Financial Technology”. He was credited for seeing the disruption to banks early.
  2. The pivot towards Fintech has caused him to write more than 1,000 pages on how China is a global leader which is transforming Asia’s financial scene.

C. Consulting:

  1. Advisor to Board/Directors to 5 Asia Pacific Banks.
  2. Advisor to Board/Directors to 3 Global Insurance Companies.
  3. Advisor to 6 regulators on Fintech
  4. Frequent keynote speaker on 4 continents

D. Mr Schulte’s view is coloured by his work experience over 30 years:

  • POLICY: White House NSC, Indonesian MOF and Central Bank;
  • BUY side: Helping ex-Tiger Peter Early at $350 MN Big Sky in LA;
  • SELL side: CSFB, Barings, Lehman, Nomura, CCB FROM 1992 TO 2012;
  • ACADEMIA: MBA professor at Hilton, Kellogg, Stern, Columbia, UST since 1999; and
  • AUTHOR: 4 Books on Fintech/Insurtech, AI, algorithms.

Impactful and stock specific research pieces are out every 10 days.

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