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Paul Schulte has 27 years experience as an analyst. He has experience in economic policy (NSC economic desk and Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Finance), sell side research (Credit Suisse, Barings, Lehman Brothers, Nomura, China Construction bank Intl.), buy side (Tiger Cub hedge fund in the US for 5 years), and academia (part-time MBA professor at UST/ NYU Stern School, HKU/Columbia MBA program and Kellogg for the past 15 years).

His research integrates analysis of banks and liquidity with corporate credit to get a clear and robust view of equity markets. Balance sheets drive markets. Income statements do not. Liquidity, whether we like it or not, IS solvency. When credit lines are pulled, danger begins. Bank liquidity rules the roost in equity markets, and these trends very often spill over into real estate and currency. Get bank liquidity and solvency right and the rest follows. Research pieces will always have a trade idea to help investors make money.

Schulte Research is an independent research service provided by IND-X Advisors Limited.


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